Pre-Conference Workshops

Thursday, October 11 | 9:00a - 12:00p

Each Workshop Includes:

  • Lunch following the Workshop to continue the networking and learning
  • Certificate of participation for 3 clock hours
  • 3 additional clock hours for attending afternoon breakout sessions
  • Access to exhibitors & refreshment break

Registration Fees:

  • Add-On to full WASWUG Conference: $150
  • Pre-Conference only: $175

Only one Workshop may be selected. A Workshop can be added when registering for the WASWUG Fall Conference. If you are already registered for the conference, you can add a Workshop by contacting the WASWUG registrar.

2019 Coming Soon!

Generational Differences in the Workplace

Presented by Cara Lane, Successful Training Solutions

Millennials have been called the Trophy generation... WAIT they didn’t ask for the trophy; we gave it to them. Gen X’ers have been called the ME generation, BUT after watching their parents’ generation sacrifice their lives slaving over their jobs without reward, X’ers decided to look out for themselves. Baby Boomers thought of themselves as a special generation, very different from those that had come before—BUT WAIT, they were but, not as they might think. 

Finally, a Professional Development program that delivers a positive perspective about ALL generations. Regardless of age, each generation can become a part of an integral and successful work team. Cara Lane teaches you the best communication style for each generation, she offers specific generational insights and facts, and gives you her 8-steps to success with the Millennial Project.  You will discover the unique advantages of each generation. This workshop will advance your knowledge of how to communicate, work together effectively, and how to be a part of a thriving team.

Advanced Microsoft Excel

Presented by Sherry Prindle, Successful Training Solutions

Every lesson within this 3-hour workshop will include situations where you can apply each feature, learn why it is useful, and what to watch out for in addition to how to use it.

Sherry will cover such features as Creating Complex Forms; Contextualizing Layouts; Animating Data Presentation and Analysis; Cleaning Up Data; Applying Conditional Formatting to Set Parameters; Collaborating across Workbooks, Platforms, and People; and Performing Advanced Functions.