If You Registered Before the Move to Virtual

If I already registered, is there anything I need to do?

No, you are now automatically registered for the virtual conference, and will receive a separate email providing you with additional instructions and details concerning your registration, including partial refunds for those who paid in advance at the previous price.

I had a room reserved at the Davenport Grand; will I be charged a cancellation fee?

You will not be charged a cancellation fee, but you must contact the hotel directly at (800) 918-9344 to cancel your reservation.

If I already registered for the conference, how do I cancel my registration?

We have updated our cancellation policy under WASWUG Attendee Rules and Conditions to be more flexible for you. Before cancelling, consider substituting a co-worker in your place. Substitutions will be accepted through October 2, 2020. If you want to cancel a registration that was made prior to June 17, 2020, send your request no later than September 11, 2020 to waswug@wsipc.org. Be sure to include the first and last name of all registrants you wish to cancel. We will process cancellations as quickly as we can. Please allow 7-10 business days for refunds to be processed if you paid by credit card. All cancellations made after September 11, 2020 will be charged the full amount.

General FAQ's

When can I register for the virtual event?

Registration for our virtual conference will open on June 17 and be available through October 11, 2020.

What benefits can I expect with a virtual conference?

With a virtual event, you can expect all of the fun, excitement, education, and networking opportunities that you experience while on site – and even more! Look for additional information in the weeks to come, including setup/connection instructions, a complete list of breakout sessions, plus different activities to expand your WASWUG experience!

Will content be presented live or pre-recorded?

Both! We’ll have some sessions happening live during our October 12-14 timeframe where you can interact with presenters through Zoom with live Q&A. In addition, our breakout sessions will be recorded and made available to you through our WASWUG app (both desktop and mobile versions). Presenters will have the option to schedule live Q&A to supplement their presentations. Stay tuned for more details!

When does the list of breakout sessions get posted so I can decide if I want to attend?

A complete list of breakout sessions is typically not available until six to eight weeks prior to the conference, but we do try and provide you with a sampling and/or initial list of sessions prior to that. We are busy months ahead of time determining the curriculum and seeking presenters to provide you with a variety of Student, Finance, and HR/Payroll sessions – in both SMS 2.0 and Qmlativ – for the beginner to the advanced user.

In recent years, I have not always received handouts at the breakout sessions. Why is that?

If a presenter has created a handout, it will be available through our WASWUG conference app, as an attachment to the breakout session title and description. As a WSIPC member, you also have access to the WSIPC Guides through SkyDoc within the software. If you are not a WSIPC member, but would like to receive a WSIPC Guide that is referenced or used during a breakout session, contact us at waswug@wsipc.org and provide your contact information. We will email you an electronic version of the Guide.

Are you going to offer any kind of district bundle for teams or by session pricing?

We are unable to offer bundled or session pricing at this time, because attendees must register individually in order to have their own unique login to access and participate in the sessions, and for us to track/grant Clock Hours per individual. We also hope that by lowering the cost to one flat rate per person, we will help district budgets.

If we will be able to access the sessions after the conference is over, does that mean if we can’t get away for all of the sessions as they are happening, we will have access to view a video at a later date?

We plan on providing all of the sessions in a pre-recorded format, plus we will record the live sessions and then post them so they’re available following the conference. As a registered attendee, you will have access to all pre-recorded and live sessions (plus all of the slides and handouts) beginning October 12th through December 31st. We will also be announcing dates/times for live Q&A sessions with presenters so that you’ll be able to participate at the scheduled time or access the recording later to see/hear what was shared.

Would we be allowed to gather and watch as a distanced group or online together so we could have the ability to collaborate as a team?

Because the URL link for each session is unique only to you, you will not be able to share it with others to log in and watch a session online at the same time as you. The system doesn’t allow multiple users access via the same link at the same time. Each person is required to have their own URL.

What is WASWUG?

WASWUG is a conference that provides the opportunity for school district users to learn more about the Skyward product suite and other topics important to managing and reporting data. You will be able to share insights and network with fellow Skyward users. There are typically 160+ breakout sessions offered at WASWUG Spring and another 100+ sessions at WASWUG Fall within the Student, HR/Payroll and Finance product lines, as well as beneficial Professional Development courses. The sessions are taught by knowledgeable WSIPC, ESD and Skyward staff, trained professionals, and District software power users.

Who is WSIPC?

WSIPC produces the WASWUG conferences. WSIPC is a non-profit cooperative empowering schools with a powerful lineup of technology solutions. They are the exclusive provider of Skyward K-12 products in Washington State. Learn more at wsipc.org

Am I a WSIPC Cooperative member?

If your organization receives a paid service from or through WSIPC, you are a Cooperative member. If you are unsure of your Cooperative member status, or would like to inquire about becoming a member, contact WSIPC at 425-349-6600 or info@wsipc.org.


Why is WASWUG Spring always in March in Bellevue?

There are very few locations in Washington that have sufficient meeting and sleeping rooms to accommodate an event of this size and scope. As such, it is necessary to reserve the space (in the form of contracts) three to five years in advance of each conference. These contracts ensure we have a venue for the conference, and require set minimum expenditures for hotel rooms and food costs. Changes to the conference structure (such as the number of days) or scope (meals, major program changes) are limited within the parameters of the existing contract without incurring penalty charges.

Why does the Hyatt Regency Bellevue run out of sleeping rooms so quickly?

Because WASWUG is so popular! Actually, when securing a contract with a venue, we are only able to book a certain number of rooms due to the Hotel’s policy on group business. This helps both the Hotel and WSIPC manage the potential risk if rooms are not filled sufficiently. As much as we would all love to be in the same place, we have the opportunity to experience more than just the Hyatt. In addition to the group rates available at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, we also offer a selection of surrounding hotels in Bellevue.

WASWUG Spring 2022

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