Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday, March 8 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Registration Fees:

  • Add-on to full WASWUG Conference: $75

A Workshop can be added when registering for the WASWUG Conference. If you are already registered for the conference, you can add a Workshop by contacting the WASWUG Registrar.

Registration is Closed

Advanced Microsoft Excel Workshop

Sherry Prindle
Presented by Sherry Prindle, Successful Training Solutions

This three-hour workshop includes how to:

  • Automate with Macros,
  • Perform Advanced Functions – IF, LOOKUP, SUMIFS and more
  • Create Complex Forms
  • Contextualize Layouts
  • Collaborate Across Workbooks, Platforms, and People

Four Lenses

Dawn Jones
Presented by Dawn Jones, Successful Training Solutions

Learn how you can see yourself and others through the Four Lenses™ temperaments discovery. Start your journey by learning about each of the four temperaments and how they relate directly to you. Then, gain an understanding of how you can apply this knowledge and respond with a higher level of maturity when interacting with different temperaments. This life-changing workshop will enrich you with a deeper understanding of your emotional intelligence and the value of viewing people through the different temperament lenses while speaking their language. (Based on the science of Myers Briggs)

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