Pre-Conference Workshops

Sunday, March 10 | 9:30a - 12:30p

Each Workshop Includes:

  • Lunch following the Workshop to continue the networking and learning
  • Certificate of participation for 3 clock hours
  • 3 additional clock hours for attending afternoon breakout sessions
  • Access to exhibitors & refreshment break

Registration Fees:

  • Add-On to full WASWUG Conference: $150
  • Pre-Conference only: $175

Hacking Leadership

Presented by Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, Superintendent of the Fall Creek School District

Water is amazing and seemingly always finds a way. It has the ability to form, replenish our system, power equipment, or can destroy entire cities. Leaders have the same properties. Some have the power to wipe out populations and others lift the level of the land. The best leaders take little openings and create space for those they lead. They find the smallest cracks of opportunity and create a path that was not there before. They shape the land. They find a way. Hacking leadership is about finding innovative solutions to issues that have plagued the system for years, and implementing them tomorrow. The focus is on practical application. We all know the problems exist, but knowledge of problems does not make our daily life in schools easier.  Utilizing the tools in Hacking Leadership will allow you and your team to find the openings and create space for those you lead. Space to learn. Space to teach. Space to thrive.

Overcoming Conflict and Building Strong Workplace Teams

Presented by Cara Lane & Dawn Jones, Successful Training Solutions

Anyone who can effectively deal with conflict enjoys a real advantage in the workplace. This course is the perfect solution for effectively dealing with difficult or intimidating people in your work and life. This session shows you how to be your best and bring out the best in others when they are at their worst. You will look at common sources of conflict and how and why people respond the way they do. In addition, you will learn how to respond vs. react when someone pushes your hot buttons. More importantly, you’ll learn how to confidently de-escalate conflict and stand your ground along with when and how to walk away. At the completion of this course, you will know what to say and do to defuse volatile situations and ultimately bring out the best in your teams.

This session also provides you with the essentials for building great teams. It includes the fundamentals you must have to clearly communicate in the workplace and get your message across, without triggering defensiveness. Participants will explore how to implement the 4 communication styles—ensuring that communication is clearly understood. You and your team will also better understand why listening is so crucial to communication and how to do it well. Participants leave with the confidence and ability to immediately apply what they have learned. Interactive and relevant in your workplace. This program will advance your knowledge of how to work together effectively and how to be a part of a thriving team.

Advanced Microsoft Excel

Presented by Sherry Prindle, Successful Training Solutions

Every lesson within this 3-hour workshop will include situations where you can apply each feature, learn why it is useful, and what to watch out for in addition to how to use it. Sherry will cover such features as Creating Complex Forms; Contextualizing Layouts; Animating Data Presentation and Analysis; Cleaning Up Data; Applying Conditional Formatting to Set Parameters; Collaborating across Workbooks, Platforms, and People; and Performing Advanced Functions.