Keynote Speaker

Jeff Kaylor

Jeff Kaylor had been on a tour of the world performing and speaking in over 350 cities in 22 countries. For the past 10 years, he has created award winning magic illusions used by the top magicians in the world. He is the co-founder of The Magic Estate in Orlando, FL. A collaborative community that is currently home to a Magician, an Illusionist, a Mind Reader, A Keynote Speaker, an Inventor, A Lawyer/Hypnotist, and a Dolphin Trainer.

Guest Speaker

Jenna Bane

Jenna Bayne uses her background in neuroscience and nutrition to create long-term impacts on her clients, audiences and students. She has traveled to places like Africa and Australia, lived in various cultures and communities, coached thousands of individuals and facilitated hundreds of workshops sharing her insights and developing her skills.


Chase Padgett

If you’ve ever been blown away by the musical talents on the hit improvised TV show Whose Line is it Anyway then this is for you. Musician, actor and improvisor Chase Padgett has worked with some of the best musical improv talent in the world and he’s ready to share the secrets of how it’s done and how those lessons apply to every creative endeavor in life. Chase is a regular on Disney Cruise lines and has also produced and starred in multiple award winning touring shows including '6 Guitars' and ’Nashville Hurricane.' This hilarious presentation will cover finding freedom in limitations, celebrating failure, and creating without judgement all while having a blast along the way. Don’t have a musical bone in your body? Don’t worry about it. Chase won’t make you sing (probably).