Meals Spring 2020

Sunday Pre-Conference Workshop Lunch:

  • Bread and butter (V)
  • Greek salad with olives, shaved red onion, feta, and herb vinaigrette (GF) (V)
  • Basil grilled chicken with roasted potato, cipollini onion, butternut squash and fennel hash, thyme reduction*  (GF) (DF)
  • Roasted cherry tomato (GF) (DF) (V) (VG)  
  • *Vegetarian/Vegan option: Tofu hash (GF) (DF) (V) (VG) 

Monday Breakfast:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Bacon* (GF) (DF)
  • Cage-free scrambled eggs* (GF) (DF) (V)
  • Potatoes  (GF) (DF) (V) (VG)  
  • Pastries  (V)
  • Fruit salad  (GF) (DF) (V) (VG)  
  • *Vegetarian/Vegan option: Steel-cut oatmeal  (GF) (DF) (V) (VG)  

Monday Lunch:

  • Bread and butter (V)
  • Caesar salad served with parmesan cheese, garlic croutons, and caesar dressing on the side  (V)
  • Gochujang short ribs with natural jus, cilantro ginger rice, and fresh green beans*  (GF) (DF)  
  • *Vegetarian/Vegan option: Eggplant stir-fry  (GF) (DF) (V) (VG)  

Tuesday Breakfast:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Chicken sausage*  (GF) (DF)
  • Cage-free scrambled eggs*  (GF) (DF) (V)
  • Potatoes  (GF) (DF) (V) (VG)  
  • Pastries  (V)
  • Fruit salad  (GF) (DF) (V) (VG)  
  • *Vegetarian/Vegan option: Steel-cut oatmeal  (GF) (DF) (V) (VG)  

Tuesday Lunch:

  • Bread and butter (V)
  • Baby iceberg lettuce with radish and carrot; served with ranch or vinaigrette dressing on the side  (GF) (V)
  • Rosemary seared chicken, baby carrots, roasted mushroom mashed potatoes, natural reduction*  (GF)
  • *Vegan option: Quinoa stuffed portobello mushroom served with baby carrots  (GF) (DF) (V) (VG)  

*** If a dietary restriction was indicated during registration and you require a special meal based on the selected menu, you will receive a ticket in your conference badge to present to the Hyatt server onsite during the meal. Please note we can accommodate dietary restrictions not preferences.

(GF) = Gluten Free
(DF) = Dairy Free

(V) = Vegetarian
(VG) = Vegan

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