Inspired by education.
Empowered by technology.

In 1967, ten school districts united to share software, hardware, and centralized technology support costs. The result of this collaboration created the WSIPC Cooperative–a unique nonprofit public agency.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, relevant, and fiscally responsible variety of technology services that empower the K-12 community so they can focus on their educational mission. WSIPC’s innovative business structure directly benefits our members. We negotiate pricing to provide the highest quality and most relevant technology at the lowest possible price. We advocate for our members by conquering issues, creating solutions, and absorbing costs to lessen the resource and financial burden on schools.

WSIPC continues to expand, providing benefits and collaborating with Educational Service Districts, 300+ school districts, and over a million students in over 1500 schools. We believe that collaboration and partnerships are vital for the Cooperative’s continued growth and progress; they are the cornerstones where knowledge and experience meet necessity and enthusiasm.